Since its inception in 1993, CADARO continues its operations with its production, sales, design, marketing and PR team.

With the desire to become an international jewellery brand, it aims to offer the most unique products at the most reasonable prices to its customers of all ages without sacrificing from quality. Throughout the years CADARO has proven its capability to stand the test of time by continuously growing and expanding its reach to jewellery lovers around the world with stores located around Turkey, United Kingdom and distributors across Europe.

Offering a selection of CADARO’s patented handcrafted designs and collections from award-winning renown jewellery brands, CADARO shops around the world display the ultimate synchronicity between decadence and modern design. First time customers and loyal clients are often left in awe with the brands multifunctional and kinetic pieces, some of which have won the European Jewellery Design Award in 2017 and 2019. Produced with the understanding of modern management and multi functionality, the brand presents its clients with endless freedom when it comes to choosing their piece. From rings that become bracelets to necklaces that have alternating faces , the brands multifunctional pieces allows customers to adjust their piece of jewellery according to their liking.

Aside from its signature collections, CADARO has also excelled in bespoke/custom design. With a design team allocated to each store, the house guarantees full customisation on almost all pieces while offering bespoke design as well after a private appointment with the customer, once again emphasising the importance given to individuality.

Throughout the years, with its press events and ever-growing list of celebrity endorsements, CADARO s name has echoed on the international jewellery market. Famous figures like Claudia Schiffer and many others were seen either working with the brand or wearing its pieces. Aside from press, the brand has given great importance to corporate social responsibility by hosting and sponsoring charity events for over two decades.

Continuing its recent sectoral activities to become a world-wide brand, CADARO aims to revolutionise and redefine the functionality of jewellery while maintaining the utmost elegance in its design.