General Sales Agreement


a) Can Mücevherat Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter referred to as “Cadaro Jewellery”), located at the address Side Mah. Antalya Cad. No: 37/1 Manavgat, Antalya/Turkey, which carries out the activities on the website named (hereinafter referred to as the “website”)

b) Adult-aged consumers residing in the countries in which they are authorized online (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) who are considering purchasing products offered by Cadaro Jewellery for personal and non-professional purposes on the reserved access section of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “product”).


This contract determines the terms and conditions of sales transactions between Cadaro Jewellery and the customer registered on the website.


a) Cadaro Jewellery does not deliver the product to countries other than those specified. Not all products may be available for purchase in the residence country of the website visitor.

b) The terms of the contract can be changed by Cadaro Jewellery at any time.

c) Cadaro Jewellery will not be bound by the conditions sent by the customer or in any case different from these terms.

d) Products, product features and prices on the website can be changed by Cadaro Jewellery without prior notice.

e) To complete the purchasing process of products, the customer must agree to the terms of the contract.


a) To carry out the purchase the customer is to select the product to be purchased on the website, add it to the cart and then fill in the personal information in the payment section.

b) The use of the e-commerce service, registration and access to the website are completely free.

c) Product shipping is made after the payment process is completed by entering the shipping details and the necessary information for payment in the payment section. These data can only be changed until the specific “Pay”button is clicked. Payments can be made by credit card or Bank Transfer/EFT, and is usually fulfilled within the deadline specified by the payment service used. By sending the order, the customer clearly accepts signing the contract and providing the e-mail, phone number and address to Cadaro Jewellery for the execution of the contract.

d) Cadaro Jewellery is to send an order confirmation email to the customer with the details of the order placed. The customer’s order and order confirmation are archived electronically by Cadaro Jewellery. Customer can request a copy of these from Cadaro Jewellery via e-mail at or by phone number +90 532 739 61 21.

e) The sales contract of the product is to be signed by Cadaro Jewellery after the payment of the product price from the customer is received.

f) The validity of the contract depends on the product availability. If the item is no longer available, Cadaro Jewellery is to acknowledge this within 20 days of receiving the order.

g) With the terminating the sale contract, Cadaro reserves the right to refund the full price paid for the Jewellery to the customer without any additional costs.

h) The order viewed by the customer and sent by Cadaro Jewellery through e-mail channels specifies all the essential elements of the contract, including all information required by law. The customer is to check the order and confirm that the information contained therein is correct and complete.


a) After the payment reaches Cadaro Jewelery, the purchased product is to be delivered by cargo to the address specified by the customer within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days.

b) Delivery costs are to be covered by the customer and the relevant price is published in detail as specified in the order and order confirmation, as well as the offer published on the website.

c) Product shipping and delivery is to be done with the methods and times specified in the order confirmation. Product delivery is to be carried out within 30 (thirty) days after the customer sends the order.

d) The product is delivered to the address specified by the customer for delivery. The customer must receive the product in accordance with the content of the order and facilitate the product delivery. In the event of unreasonable refusal to take delivery of the product, Cadaro Jewelery will have the right to terminate the contract subject to compensation for damages incurred (including transportation and storage costs of the product).

e) At the time of delivery, the customer must verify the integrity, quantity and type of the delivered product, whether it complies with the orders and contractual provisions, and whether the packaging is intact and undamaged. In case of any defects or deformations with the order, it must be immediately appealed to the courier company with a description in the delivery note.


a) Taxes and customs payments belong to the customer. Our prices include taxes and customs fees. Cadaro Jewelery will make payments on behalf of the customer to the institutions of the country where the customer is located.

b) The customer must make the payment in favor of Cadaro Jewellery with the payment method available on the website. Products will only be delivered after payment is received.


When entering into the contract, the customer must guarantee the accuracy of the data provided during the relevant procedure. The customer undertakes to immediately notify Cadaro Jewellery of any changes in his personal data provided during the contract and must send a special contact information to Cadaro Jewellery.


The warranty is valid on the condition of correct use of the products, complying with usage instructions and recommendations and depending on the supply of the delivery documents and order number by the customer. Without prejudice to the mandatory restrictions stipulated by law, Cadaro Jewelery does not provide any warranty or declaration of conformity for the products in addition to those explicitly stated on the website, including compliance with the technical and quality requirements or standards of the products. The seller is not responsible for the problems that may arise from misuse.


a) The customer’s (which can be classified as “consumer” according to the Consumer Law) the period for the right of withdrawal is 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of a product.

b) If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the products must be returned to the Cadaro Jewellery store specified for this purpose in their original conditions, together with all their parts, accessories, documentation and the relevant packaging to be kept.

c) The return costs of the products will be covered by the customer only and the responsibility for the products will belong to the customer until the return to Cadaro Jewellery is completed.

d) Within 10 (ten) days after the return of the products, Cadaro Jewellery is to refund the remaining amount to the customer, excluding taxes and customs duties paid on behalf of the suctomer as stated above.

e) In case of returning the product, the customer can request a refund of paid taxes and customs duties from the institutions of the country of residence.

f) Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the client cannot exercise, in particular, the right of withdrawal in the following cases:
the product was made according to individual measures, clearly customized or cannot be re-used due to its nature.


In line with its purposes, the contract  includes all forms of electronic communication (such as e-mail messages and web pages) that allow permanent recording of written forms and content.


a) In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the execution of the contract, the Contract and related order documents are kept and archived by Cadaro Jewellery as necessary, following the lawful requirements regarding the privacy code.

b) Customer may request to access and view these documents by sending receipt notification and making a written request to Cadaro Jewellery with a registered delivery letter with a receipt at least 7 working days in advance. Customer may request Cadaro Jewellery to provide a copy of the contract in electronic and/or printed format by paying for the reproduction and support provided.

c) In any case, the customer is to read, store and archive both electronic and paper copy of the contract.


This Agreement and the Distance Selling Contract concluded between the customer and Cadaro Jewellery, is subject to all applicable mandatory provisions of the Turkish legislation and the law of the country where the customer resides.