Maison Cadaro

CADARO, which started its activities in 1993 with a corporate business structure,  still continues to work with its production, sales, design, marketing and PR team.

With the desire to become an international jewelery brand, it aims to offer the best product at the best price to its customers of all ages without sacrificing quality.

Both the CADARO patented designs and collections produced by handcraft and the collections of the famous jewelry companies that have received design awards from Europe and the world are presented to the taste of domestic and foreign jewelry lovers.

CADARO’s collections consist of designs produced with the understanding of modern management, infrastructure, high acceptance in the domestic and international jewelry sector and the experience, which has been formed by the taste and wishes of the European customers of the brand over the years.

CADARO has carried out many organization and social responsibility projects. In 1998, due to  some events with the participation of many famous names, including  top model Claudia Schiffer, Turkey has been heard in the international arena.

Continuing its recent sectoral activities to become a world brand almost completely, CADARO is taking firm steps in this direction with its jewelry designs and collections that are highly accepted in Europe.