"Cadaro House", hosted by the creators of the Cadaro Jewellery brand Ayşe and Yusuf Yıldız
which is the pioneer of innovations, was opened in Ankara.

Well-known names of the social life world and the art world attended the opening, hosted by Ayşe and Yusuf Yıldız. Established on an area of 2500 square meters, “Cadaro House” introduced its different brands and different products with a total of 7 floors. ‘Cadaro House’ took place in Cadaro Brasserie. Here on the ground floor chef Eren Kesimer, who worked in famous venues of Istanbul, presented his  unique recipes. In Cadaro House, there are famous jewellery and imported porcelain accessory brands such as Schaffrath, Jörg Heinz, Hans D. Krieger, Isabelle Fa, Odenwald and Wengenman within  the Cadaro Jewelery brand.

In addition to Cadaro Brasserie, Caviar Seafood Restaurant realized its Fine-Dining concept, which offers a unique taste opportunity of Mediterranean and World cuisine combined with a unique view of Ankara on the terrace floor. At the same time, two Michelin-starred chefs – Austrian chef Erich Hausler with his magnificent presentation and Caviar Seafood Restaurant’s chef Çağatay Anıl  arrived specially for the opening. Their delicious treats, as well as cooking masterpieces by Brasserie chef Eren Kesimer were served to the guests.